TELFAR has launched a 24hr Live-Linear TV network in collaboration with the Ummah Chroma Collective ('community of colour'). Basically we launched a TV Channel without any content — because we are tired of being content for other channels. When you watch TELFAR.TV you will see the channel take shape LIVE — and you can take part in what it becomes by sending us your videos.

TELFAR TV is the place to see LIVE SHOWS, BREAKING NEWS on upcoming drops, EACH OTHER, the COMMUNITY, the CONSPIRACY, exclusive DRIPS that aren’t available anywhere else — and it’s the only place to get the new DUFFEL BAG.


how to watch:

Download TELFAR TV on your actual TV via the App Store — or watch on TELFAR.TV
*TCTV is not ideal on your phone. You are going to need that to scan our QR codes during DRIPS.

what's a drip?:

A drip is a targeted drop. Basically — at random, unannounced times throughout the day we will flash a QR code on screen for 1 minute:
scan it with your phone and get your bag. A drip is less bags than a drop — but your chances of getting one is higher.

This is ours:

When we say black owned we are not talking about one person. We didn’t get to where we are alone. You made this happen — you are the ones who make the pictures and videos that reflect us and that we reflect back. Send your videos to TELFAR.TV/CONSPIRE and let’s all see what happens.

If this works:

If we can create an ecology between our business and the freedom of this channel, we will be able to develop programming on the scale of any other channel — without the corporate oversight/overseers — and because we sell bags and clothes and not human beings — we can allow artists to retain ownership of their work. Because our DRIP structure incentivizes a small but tight audience — we can give people real creative freedom. It’s not for you– it’s for everyone. It’s not for everyone, it’s for everyone. The world isn’t everything. Peace <3